Disposable Crisis Project & Zuid Magazine – the Sequel

Zuid Magazine interviewed me last year regarding the Disposable Crisis Project I set up. Here’s the pdf to this first article:

As I’m working on the book which is really getting in a good shape for the printing presses they decided to come back to me and make a sequel, right before the book comes out. I’d like to share that with you 🙂 Sorry, Dutch only, don’t have the time to translate it. Life is busy enough as it is and the book needs to be finished! I’m really excited about it as it’s going to be great. I’m still looking for people willing to support this project through a small (or big 🙂 ) donation so that I can pay for the printing of the book. Please feel free to contact me. The book is planned for the end of this year. Should it get too hectic, January 2014.

Once again, thanks to all the people who have made this real!


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