Interview RTV Roermond 20-10-13

A while back I got invited by Pauline Penning from Art.Room Roermond to join her in her radio show “Kunstkamer” which is broadcasted every Sunday morning starting at 9. The show lasts an hour and the most coolness about it was that I got to pick the music being played that hour in between our interview! As you may or may not know… I LOVE music! If I had to pick between making photos or listen to music for the rest of my life I’d pick listen to music. Without music art would be meaningless. Anyway…not the point; on to the interview (Dutch only..sorry) and the selection of music (specifically NOT Dutch) 😉

~ The End ~

I haven’t had the balls to re-listen the interview haha! I do find it funny to think about the bit where I mention ‘I don’t like themes’ and I’ve been working on a theme called “Anti-Matter” as in, sometimes beautiful is enough and I don’t want to always need a depressing theme all the time for something to be good, anyway, my struggle which you could tell from two posts back, which still is a struggle, but no life without struggle. I’m actually working on a few themes / subjects, I hope to be able to clarify a bit more soon.


  1. nice I opened your post in the morning, so good morning music made the morning. Congratulations for the interview. It’s important that we spread the word that the world is not flat and in 1 – 0

    1. Huh, the world is not flat?! I always thought the end of the world was always somewhere on my collodion plates 😉

      Nice you also enjoyed the music! I love them!

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