Memento Mori – the permanent funeral

This unvarnished 5×7″ glass plate has been left outside for months to ripen. Half a year to be precise. A bit sheltered on the windowsill, but nonetheless exposed to cold, rain, snow, wind and last but not least, a renovation. The latter having caused the most severe damage.

I do intend to varnish the plate, but still debating which route to take here; liquitex or plain ole sandarac. Not sure how the syrup will make its way over the minuscule obstacles. Another experiment I guess. It would be great to preserve this decay, to preserve dying. To freeze this moment right before it parishes and the only traces left behind are those that linger on inside ones’ mind. Like a permanent funeral one could say.

Watch the video to enjoy the full decaying-experience, as well as the beautiful soundscape by Jan Sluijsmans who did a wonderful job composing this for my video:

Oh, and enjoy the fuck out of life! ❤️


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