New website online!

A new blog (look) made me look at my website more attentive again. I’m having this idea of trying to sell more prints online and first wanted to accomplish this using my blog. But seeing I had to spend even more money here than I already did (buying this template for example) I thought it would be wise to check my website first.

It didn’t take long to realise the website was also hopelessly outdated, qua photographic material and also its design. The template-based website company did offer some sort of a shop-option but the design templates really felt short of what I wanted. So…after going back and forth I decided to give Squarespace a go. And, as from this morning the new website is live! The shop not yet, but hopefully this won’t be long. Also, more images will be added. It’s a mere first selection now.

Besides updating design and photographic content, the best part about making and rethinking a new website is the textual part. I realised I talked a lot about techniques etc. and not so much about the thoughts behind my work. Having just gone through the making of an exhibition and trying to capture in words what the series on display are about, it seemed like the perfect moment to do this for the website as well.

More in-depth footage will follow but I think I’ve made a good start and, in a way, nailed the why behind my photography. And, in a way, also my way of living, the choices that I make and have made. The romantic period (1795-1848) seems to fit me like a glove.. And reminded me of a post quite a few years back, here on this very blog which made the story one whole for me.

I’m overall a pretty happy person, but I have issues with feeling ‘at home in this world’, so to say. Therefor I wander a lot, in my head but also outside. It’s like getting lost but then on purpose. In order to flee from society and the world, or more precise, its compulsiveness. The melancholic feel in my images is inherent to the processes I use and aesthetic choices I make to create them. They articulate my feeling of sadness this world gives me, combined with my inability to make myself feel at home in it, besides the place I live in. The Germans have the most beautiful and comprehensive word for this state of mind: Weltschmerz.

I’m not used to ending a post in such dramatic manner so…please… have a look at my website as it is so far and let me know what you think!


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