The shop is now Open!

Ladies and Gentlemen, a most noteworthy moment has arrived…Contrastique’s Shop ( I should come up with some fancy name) has now officially opened its virtual doors 🙂

In order to keep my photographic endeavours a tad more affordable I decided a while back to start selling my photographs online. Actually, it started when I sold three of my works the past month to pay for the exhibition which is currently taking place in Eupen. One I sold through my blog, one via Facebook and one via Instagram. This surely keeps the spirit up and is a great way to fund my projects. The trips to Verdun and the Somme for example do cost time and also real money.

For now I have only put up digital prints for sale. But, handmade darkroom lith and Vandyke prints and also original wet plate collodion plates will follow shortly.

Various options are available such as size, framing and the use of museum glass. More sizes are possible than those currently mentioned, as well as different types of frames. I’m happy to talk you through all the options when interested. Also, a payment method via Paypal has been implemented for all of you international buyers 🙂 Of course, local pick-up and payment (cash & card) is also possible, coffee and cookies included.

Anyway, let’s get this thing rolling (pun intended)! Let me know if you miss anything or have any remarks or tips; do feel free to share. It’s still a work in progress and will be updated along the way.

To go to the shop please follow this link:

Happy Weekend!

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