Collodion Demo @ Gallery Art.Room Roermond

Yesterday was the day I was preparing for earlier; the wet plate collodion demo @ Art.Room which is currently showing my work. Show runs until the 2nd of October in case you want to give it a look 🙂 It was a great day, met some new people and some of my loved friends. My first ‘model’ of the day was Dr. Christoph Wahl, who not only looks great on collodion, but was also so nice to share some of the images he made that day of the demo and even scanned the wet plate I made of him so all the courtesy goes towards him!

L1002724_blog L1002730_blog L1002735_blog L1002737_blog L1002744_blog


And last but not least…Mr. Wahl himself:


Something funky did happen with the varnish however, seeing that where I poured it first it forms a darker image that towards the outer edges. Not sure where that comes from. Perhaps some alcohol evaporated from the varnish and I should add a little to it…Next time!

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