Jan Janssen Collodion Figure Study

I love my racing bike. I love the way racing bikes look; their aerodynamic form and slick lines. I love collodion. I hate the flu.

Last week consisted mostly of sleeping on the couch and or watching ‘American Horror Story’ on Netflix as I came down with the flu. Rather bad timing as I had to print work for a client which I luckily found myself able to postpone and had to prep a collodion demo for this past Sunday. All in all I got around to that last Friday.  Seeing the upper sentence I thought it would be great to combine these loves, not merely for test-sake but to make a short series out of it so this will be continued somewhere later on this year when the weather bounds me to the studio.

All of the images are 4×5″ Clear Glass Ambrotypes and had an exposure time of 90 seconds @ f/5.6 with my lovely Steinheil 230mm lens. The plates are scanned using an Epson V700, nothing special done to them. In the future they will be printed, by hand of course, digital processing is for woosies 😉



Hopefully I’ll get back to riding my bike soon instead of merely looking at it through a ground glass but it is as close as it gets for now 😉 I managed to screw up the last plate (which I actually shot first) with my nail while taking it out of the washing tray (ahhhhh)! Perhaps learning how to retouch glass negatives is next…however, just cutting my nails probably is easier haha!


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