Exhibition Art.Room Roermond

You are hereby cordially invited to the opening of a group exhibition in Roermond of which I’ll be a part. The works displayed have never been shown before ‘in the real world’ and are all from 2013. And that’s it! I’m not gonna say anything further 😉 Oh, worth mentioning is that I will be giving a wet plate collodion demonstration on Sunday the 22nd of September, 14u, same place!

September 1st, from 13u -16u30
Exhibition runs from:
September 1st until October 2nd
Opening Times:
Tuesdays & Sundays from 13-16:30u
Wet Plate Collodion Demo:
September 22nd, from around 14u
Place to be:
Godsweerderssingel 20

I’m currently painting the frames and prepping the images for mounting. There will be some lith prints and some original-one-of-a-kind wet plate collodion glass plates on display. Should all be finished this week.


I would also like to apologise for being so absent the past few weeks. I’m working on a lot of things, the disposable project for example. Currently working on the design of the book with the help of a graphical designer, Miguel Essers from IO_COMMUNICATIE. The past few weeks have also been busy at work, holidays and the like. Making collodion images turned out to be really difficult with having so little time on my hands.  And I’ve also found a new sort of passion which has very little to do with art: racing on my newly acquired Jan Janssen bike! I’ve been an avid spinner for the past one and a half year which got me so hooked on cycling I just had to get on the road. So with the help of my birthday I was able to get a really pretty racing bike which took up a bit of my attention lately as well. Photography, no worries, but I can have this really obsessive attention span where I only want to focus on one thing and one thing only (a friend of mine called me a mono-maniac the other day 😉 ) so it will all have to settle again I guess.


Yeah, come on…you also can’t deny its prettiness right ?! Haha! Well, that was it for today! I’ll be off working on the exhibition and riding my bike today and I hope to see you all at the opening of my exhibition or at the collodion demo September 22nd! -X-

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