Epson R2880

Last week I received an all-new Epson R2880 (for free 😮 :yeay:) to be printing my digital negatives with. Last night I gave it a nice spot in my darkroom. It’s actually situated on the table where my Durst DA900 and M605 used to be. They recently moved to the attic as they, since the arrival of the all-magic Omega D2, were not being used anymore. The Durst DA900 is actually an illogical beast compared to the Omega D2. Maybe just to me but the latter just works better for me.

Anyway, so now the table is about digital negatives and cutting photos, papers etc.

I still have to hook it up to the power supply but my current cable is a meter short so haven’t tried it yet. Bought all the cartridges (oomph) so it’s ready to be installed.

I also bought transparency film today of Canson. Don’t know if it’s any good but I happened to come across it today so picked up a package of 50 sheets A4. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully I’ll get around to trying this all next week…

Anyway, that was it for now.. I’m off to print some photos from REAL negatives 😉

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  1. We are using the same gear. Check out Piezography on the 2880. I’m doing digital negatives using it now. Working on a paper that should be out very soon on my process! Love your work!

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