EXPO 40 jaar atelier Fotokunst

I was invited to join a group exhibition regarding the 40-year existence of the Department of Photography at SASK Hasselt, where I studied photography. Yesterday was the opening. Unfortunately due to this exhibition’s opening falling together with me preparing the exhibition in Stein (which will open tonight) I didn’t manage to get there in time for the opening speech. I also found very little time advertising this exhibition while it’s really worthwhile to pay it a visit.

This exhibition contains work of René Borzée, who is the founder of the photography department at SASK, gum prints, salt prints and Van Dykes from Karel van Gerven, under-water pinholes and liquid emulsions on a base of gold leaf by Patrick Poels, the series “I Was A Dog” by Anton Kusters and my work, lith prints and wet plate collodion images.

We were chosen to be part of this as we continued our search for images after school ended, each in a unique way. I feel really honored to be part of this and please go and see this wonderful exhibition.

academiegalerie | opening hours
mon-fri 10u-21u | sat 10u-16u | sun closed | stedelijke academie voor de schone kunsten | kunstlaan 12 Hasselt | t 011 23 98 40

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