Moody Nature

We didn’t celebrate Carnaval this year. Didn’t feel like standing between drunk people, listening to crappy music and drinking lame beer. Instead we took each other out for a walk. The weather was beautiful and when I saw a color 120 film laying in my fridge I decided to play funky. I think my Hasselblad saw his first color film. Unfortunately I forgot I loaned my light meter to my dad so the Canon S95 had to do the job. It worked.

One photo of the roll of film stood out and found it handsome enough to post it here. The film was a Kodak 160VC. I still have to develop the black-and-whites.

And now off to my basement…have to make some varnish (yummy yummy) and see if my 18x24cm plates fit my freshly made inlay as one didn’t last time..and I need them tomorrow…

Have a great night!


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