Opening Exhibition Vleugels & Teugels


I can be very short about this; we had a great time! Quite a lot of people came to visit and had some interesting talks. Meeting the other participating artists I didn’t know (Bert Janssen I already knew), but Mimi Limpens and Chantal Veugen, made it even more interesting. Bart made a couple of photographs which I’ll post and that should wrap it up I guess.

My lith prints on the wall
My lith prints on the wall
Work by © Chantal Veugen
Work by © Chantal Veugen
A few of the works by Bert Janssen
A few of the works by © Bert Janssen
An overview of Vleugels & Teugels
An overview of Vleugels & Teugels

A lot of thanks go to Marij Vullinghs and René Huigen for hosting the event and doing so wonderfully! The exhibition can be seen until April the 2nd. Opening hours as mentioned below.

Vleugels & Teugels
Rechtstraat 90
6221 EL Maastricht

Opening hours:
Tue till Fri 10u30 – 18u00 [Thu till 20u00]
Sat 10u30 – 17u30
Sun shopping days 12u00 – 17u00


  1. Hi,
    I;d like to ask if you have collodion on exhibition>? If yes, do you use glass in framing or frame itself only?


    1. Hello Piotr,

      No, I don’t have Collodion plates at this exhibition. They are lith prints on baryta.
      I have framed collodion plates in just frames but I use frames with glass now. It thinks it looks better and more as a properly finished product. Of course, it depend on what kind of finishing you’re after.



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