La Vérité / Fashion Ridicule

To continue the concept explained in the former post I will post what I had in mind first and how I’ve changed my mind into something I will work on starting in a bit.

I thought of photographing my graduation work on Collodion first but the graduation work has text in the images. After that body of work I wasn’t so sure anymore the text was needed as the series on its own were very capable of conveying the story. But since it has been made on film there was nothing I could do to change that and redoing the photographs is something I will never do as it they took so much effort in making. Most of the photos have been redone 3, 4, 5 or even 6 times to get them right. Self portraits are not the most easy thing to do but it was very rewarding in the end.

Unfortunately when I exhibited the work when it was done there was a draft which caused the images to flip over on the wall, scraping over the wall and ended up being severely damaged. After all this work it was like a stab through the heart and never felt like redoing any of them.

4x5" Tintype

So…last Friday I took an image to photograph on Collodion to see what the result would be. The text kind of faded a bit due to Collodion registrating things slightly different than normal film. And that made me decide it was not suitable.

BGA 18x24 cm
BGA 18x24 cm

Last night I couldn’t sleep and finally had the time to rethink my concept all over. I decided I would make digital images in studio, self portraits, modify them in Photoshop to make them look like the horribly altered magazine-photos where nothing is real anymore, and than rephotograph them on Collodion. That way I would combine 2 extremes in techniques and perfection vs. non-perfection. More to follow on that soon!


  1. your new project idea sounds like a great study on the materialistic perfect beauty society that is so prevalent in the world today. can’t wait to see how it turns out. and the two images provided here are quite fantastic!

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