La Vérité – Fashion Ridicule: Photo 1

I don’t know yet if I’ll post every photo that I make on the net or just wait until the series is completed and then blow you away with all the images but here’s the first one. I’m very pleased with this outcome and I’m terribly looking forward to making the next photo. Unfortunately I have very little time as we’re still in the middle of a renovation at our house and a Collodion demo coming up this Sunday in Doesburg so I’m not sure when it’ll take place but hopefully soon. Now that I have finally decided on the path I wish to follow with my new project I feel more alive than ever and keen on working!

With this project I try to play around with “truth”. Truth in what you see in the magazines; all the faked photoshopped images you see literally everywhere.
I will be making self portraits (digital) and manipulate them in such horrid manner that they won’t resemble myself anymore. I then photograph the printed version on Collodion to combine the two extremes.
One process where you can’t really cheat, and one where there’s practically only cheating.
What is real, what isn’t anymore. Are the photoshopped images real? No, but it certainly is a form of reality people like to see, over the real truth even.

I’d like to play with that so get ready for some more rather creepy images soon (I hope)!

BGA 18x24cm
Exposure time: 45 seconds
Lens: Steinheil 230mm f5,6
Fixer: Sodium Thiosulfate 30%

One comment

  1. Hai Indra,

    This is really very interesting. The image is breathtaking. Such intense look. Such duality in image and technique.
    I can image that your so happy with this new project what is (i think) so close to the path that you already follow with the graduation work.
    I shall follow you with this!

    Doesburg … what time, maybe I can see you because i’m going too.
    Grtz Gerda

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