Black Water

I’ve always found water mesmerizing to look at, thus I’ve always wanted to use it in some way. When I was asked to make a short release video for The Insidious Effect Seq I ft. Mike Kramer, along came the perfect opportunity to use moving water footage for these soundscapes. This is also the first teaser for the video that is currently in the process of being thought-out for the entire track.

The entire track can be listened to via:

There is more to come, that’s for sure! Also again on alternative photography levels, no worries; still busy renovating the house in between the soup and the potatoes (Dutch expression), working in order to make a penny and enjoying another hobby I’ve picked up recently which is …bouldering (now that is fun)!

Working together with Jan Sluijsmans on these short films and other footage has taken up quite a bit of time, but has proven to be such a worthwhile endeavor, both artistically as technically, as in developing new skills and working with new tools. This makes me very, very happy and makes 2021 one of the best years so far. Good vibes!

Oh, and Max Verstappen became World Champion in F1 today; I mean, life can’t get any better than this (yes, I am a fan, wanted to be an F1 driver when I was a little girl) 🙂

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