Kunst-O-Maat Eijsden-Margraten

I don’t know if there are similar initiatives elsewhere in the world but in the Netherlands we have cigarette vending machines that are being converted into art vending machines. A selection of artists are invited to make and model a piece of art that fits a cigarette package which can be sold using that converted cigarette vending machine. Super cool and fun. A nice way to bring art to people in a different manner than via exhibitions and the regular like.

So… the township I live in, Eijsden-Margraten, revealed their own art vending machine last week and I was asked to participate in this first edition, together with 7 other local artists (Yvette Jongen, Desiree Conraads, Stan Spauwen, Nicole Mulkens, Annelie Pieters Wolfs, Jan Custers and Jolanda Loomans). For this occasion I created a leporello from my Memento Mori sequence, printed on Ilford Fineart Smooth Pearl, that fits a tiny cigarette package.

2x 2 euro coins and you will be the owner of an exclusive piece of work, anonymous until the moment you open the package. Location of this vending machine: Plus supermarket in Eijsden.

For more information (Dutch only):

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