RAW | 2020

I love food. I LOVE food. I…well, you get the message. I really love food. I love to taste and feel herbs, vegetables, all kinds of different flavours, meat (yes), fish (also), I love to be surprised by tastes and combinations. (oh and I love a good glass of wine (or two), but that’s not for now). (oh and beer also).

The most valuable artists in life, to me, are musicians, for I could never do without music, and cooks, for I could never do without food. The joy that the collecting of ingredients, creating something with them and eating the final result brings is something so special. You have to eat everyday, so why not make that a special moment, every day!

I love wet plate collodion. I LOVE wet plate collodion. I…well, you get the message. I really love the look and feel of wet plate collodion. I have often thought about combining the things I love. Last Saturday I made a proper start. I grow some herbs in the garden, one of which is rosemary. It grows like mad. And it’s gorgeous looking as well. RAW will be an aside project, for it smells, looks and feels good. As opposite to the WAR photos I make, which doesn’t do all that but is oh so interesting. One has to preserve a certain balance 🙂

The collodion images are 10×10″ ambrotypes on black glass. The “behind the scenes” images are taken with the Fuji X-T3 using the self-timer.

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