Personal Matters 4 & 2015

Again, it’s been a while since I last posted here. Again, lots have changed. Again, it was pretty chaotic. The ecstatic feeling since the last post has made place for quite a few ups and downs, of which the latter seems to have prevailed a bit. 9 years of relationship doesn’t “wear off easily” (for lack of better words) and leaves you with a hole which you only come to realise over time. Now I finally feel like I’m slowly getting my wits about me again and am looking forward to find out what this new year has in its pockets.


In short (oh well…) I have moved once again, this time hopefully for a longer while to come but the odds seem on the up and up.  It’s an anti-squat building (legal squatting to prevent abuse of an empty building) which means it’s a whole lot cheaper than anything you compare it with and it’s BIG. It used to be a monastery, but also a school and a facility to house heavy autistic people. It has been thoroughly renovated 10 years ago so it’s in excellent condition with double windows, a large kitchen, a bathroom with a bath and separate shower and a separate toilet. And 6 rooms to do whatever we like with (storage mostly haha). And a HUGE garden which covers about 30 by 30 meters.

The image above you see a part of the building being paralel to the road; that’s our part, and a part perpendicular; that will be the studio part. Yes, good news! Today that part of the building became available, or at least for checking out, and we will be building our working spaces there, starting like next week or so! Finally I will be able to set up my darkroom again and studio. There’s even a doorway from our living room to that part of the building. So…that was excellent news today, can’t wait to get going 🙂

View from studio to our house
View from studio to our house

The rooms are approx. 7 by 8 meters and about 4 meters high. Should be big enough 🙂 Of course, the development will be posted here…


Anyway, in short, that’s how it stands. I’ve shot some more film but still haven’t gotten around to developing them. I have also shot some more Impossible, as you can see below, can’t find the others. The view from this place is really lovely as the first image shows. Hope to be able to post something more interesting soonishly. Until then and after that: all the best for 2015 for all of you!



    1. I hope so too….the actual big move can start in about two weeks and then I can start rebuilding. My boyfriend and I (really just him haha) worked out a cool and very handy way to build it. Looking forward to that myself. I will absolutely post the updates! Really really really looking forward changing regular light for my darkroom lights again 🙂

  1. i am glad you are back to your blog and things are better. Cannot wait for new blog articles and your new work. Wish you never ending inspiration!

    1. Thank you so much Eugene! Slowly it’s all coming back together. It will take about two weeks to get everything here and to start rebuilding. Got some cool plans (boyfriend design) for that so will keep you (all) posted! All the light and inspiration for you too!

    1. Thanks for asking 🙂 Slowly things are coming back together so that feels great. Will keep you posted and hope to be enjoying the chemistry soon again 🙂

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