PhotoClopedia: a website that enables a trip down memory lane

At the beginning of this year PhotoClopedia started out as an idea. An idea of someone in love with old photos, playing around with the feeling he surely wasn’t the only one and how he could mould this into something the whole world could benefit from. Seeing that he needed other people to make his idea to become something real and tangible he started looking for like-minded ones, each with a set of different skills that, once united, would make it just that; real and tangible.

Currently we are working on a website which will offer the possibility to create online photo albums and fill them with your own (historical, older than 30 years) photos. Everybody knows an attic with boxes of old, probably forgotten, photographs from the past. No one bothers to look them up but everybody wonders what’s on them. Old family photos might get thrown away when grandma or father dies. This website provides the option to save them and share them with the whole world! You can search for photos on every possible theme you can imagine like, for example, ‘paris’, ‘fashion’, ‘1930’. If the photos are properly tagged you should get a whole bunch of related images. Imagine the possibilities..we sure did!

We’re hoping to launch this website by the end of this year so stay tuned to see what the future will hold for our past!

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