Kickstarter Collodion Project: BARKING HAND – A Living Tin

Recently I backed a project on Kickstarter called “Barking Hand – A Living Tin“. This is a project by a group of people wanting to make a stop motion film of collodion tintypes. I’ve actually thought about doing this myself more than once in the past but, as with a whole bunch of other things, haven’t gotten around to it. They have, or rather, are trying to. It requires quite a bit of time, effort and money, hence the crowd funding part. I thought I’d share for those interested to see where this project will be going, seeing that they will make their target first.

They are making a 4 minute and 23 motion picture with 3165 collodion tintypes…I for one really would like to see the result! Beneath an overview of what the project is about. Enjoy!


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