Kickstarter – Travelwide 4×5″ Camera

I ran across this Kickstarter project on Facebook today and it looks really cool! I will certainly be a backer to support their efforts.

Travelwide is meant as an ultralight thus highly portable 4×5″ camera. 4×5″ is a wonderful format, a lot bigger than 35mm with a far smaller depth of field than 35mm (yuyy) but if you want to take that on the go it’s going to be either big, lug, heavy and maybe reasonably affordable or small, compact but expensive. Depending on your demands this might be the right-in-between you’re looking for.


Personally I’m still looking to buy a 4×5″ field camera to shoot collodion negatives on location, or better said, still looking for that fortune well filled with mighty shiny golden coins. For me, this camera isn’t going to work. I’m looking for a decent GG, the options for tilt-and-shift and sturdy material that will outlast the biting fury of the collodion chemistry, mostly the silver nitrate. But I’m a spoiled little brat anyway so who cares 😉


The other upside of this camera besides obviously its weight (630 g fully loaded) and portability is its price…there’s not much else you can get for $99,- that will allow you to shoot 4×5″! For this price you will get a camera, sport finder, a pinhole thing and..I think that’s it.



There are also two models to choose from: 1 is the Travelwide 90 and the other is the Travelwide 65. The 90 is designed to use with an Angulon 90mm lens while the 65 is designed for an Angulon 65mm lens, for the uber-wide angle lovers.


Anyway, the people from Wanderlust Cameras are far better able to tell you what the project and cameras are all about so have a look at their Kickstarter Page.

Shooting with the Travelwide from Ben Syverson on Vimeo.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering (although I would be offended if you were):
I am in no way affiliated with Wanderlust Cameras or Kickstarter. I don’t get paid to tell nice stories about people, projects etc. I just like to tell and share nice stories if that’s okay with you 😉


  1. are you getting one? i’ll pass on this one maybe i’ll get one when it’s fully launched. i’m broke with the purchase of my 8×10. i still have a few things to buy! woohoo 😀

    1. I want to back the project so I’ll buy one to help raise the funds. Only not at this very moment as I’m broke too..only you have a better excuse to be broke haha 😉

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  3. Might want to try a Toyo CF for starters. Won’t break the bank, my first 4×5 was a Toyo Aii has a nice set of features on it, if you are using a holder like the InCameraIndustries guys there will be no issue of durability. I am using an old Cambo 8×10 with a 4×5 back for my ventures into wet plate.

    1. Thanks for the heads up but no need for it anymore…I just bought a Linhof Master Technika Classic 😉 That’ll serve me well for the next couple years!

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