DIY Contact Printing Frame

As I’m slowly indulging myself in the world of alternative / historic, or whatever you prefer to call them, printing processes a contact print frame sure seems like a nice tool to have on hand. Original contact frames do exist however I haven’t found one yet, mostly due to me not having tried very hard. Instead of just spending money, which is a hobby of mine I must say on all things photo, I could also make one or more when deemed necessary to suit my needs. There are a couple of people who went before me so for the ones looking to do this themselves as well I’ll post a couple of links here to some interesting sites regarding this very topic.

Of course, in time, my own experiences will follow!

Printing frame for contact prints by Fabiano Busdraghi
Darkroom DIY – Making a contact print frame by Jim Read 

Anyway, have a good read while I’m seating myself on the couch to see Holland getting its ass kicked by Germany 🙂 ❤


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