Kunsttour 2012

Today was the last day and I’m home now. Tired, overheated but satisfied! This year’s Kunsttour for me took place in a building I was not familiar with, namely the Royal Mosa. This building is, even today, used for making tiles the Mosa is well known for. If Wikipedia is correct about this the company was founded in 1883 by Hubert Gerard Louis Regout. It had a few rather turbulent years but is in the end still in the hands of the Dutch, making it the only company in Belgium and the Netherlands that produces ceramics on an industrial scale.

Needless to say this building breaths a lot of history which will show on the photos that will follow. This year I will not have the extensive write-up like I made the last couple of years, I’m not even sure why. Perhaps I was and am too busy. This piece will mainly contain overviews to show you what it was like, sort of. The art displayed was as usually very diverse of nature, pretty things, awesome things and not so pretty things. The weather was awesome heating up the building like mad. Luckily there was a fantastic bar with drinks, good beer from Gulpener (!) and pleasant sandwiches from d’n Auw Stoof.

A small “Behind the scenes”
My stuff reflecting “the other side”
The work of my neighbour Monika Radhoff-Troll
Monika Radhoff-Troll
A part of the stand of Gerrie Goossens Ceramics

The work of Thomas Gobbele
The kites of Ton Oostveen and the chairs by Atelier 4D (which are really awesome!)
Creative lights by Much2C made of recycled materials
Of course the Kunsttour Radio was present as well with the all-familiar host TimoArt!
The play of words by Mine Stemkens dressed up the spaciousness
Ahhh the bar! Means…beer! And proper ones with that!
A really nice furniture collection by Bruls & Co under the name “RealSoftShop”
Wooden statues by Frits van Roon. One piece, a white owl I liked very much
The miniatures made by Niels Savelkouls. On another wall he hung close-ups of the scenes created in small.
And another overview where you can see my work of you look closely. Extremely closely that is 😉

Only the installation of the disklavier from Intro in Sito was really annoying (sorry to say). The goal was for people to touch a key and the piano would begin making these neurotic sounds on its own (not on its own of course, encouraged by a computer), people had to follow the keys and try to press the one the disklavier was playing. Doing that would take you up a level. People were really intrigued by this and that was fun to see but awful to hear for 3 entire days. Anyway…

Of course, lot’s a more stuff happened but I was pretty busy at my stand, talking to a lot of people. I had a great couple of days, I even had a gallery owner come up to me and showed great interest in my work. I hope something will blossom from that! I also sold one of my lith prints! Quite a bit of people coming back for a second look on my work, be it the same day or the next, which is really a huge compliment.

Last but not least a video made with the Canon S100 of Sound of Tiles which was really cool. This was a performance played on tiles showcased by the Mosa and executed by Marco Mlynek, Marc Alberto and Gerry Reynders.
Btw, the “nee” expressed in the beginning of the movie was because I saw my battery going dead. Long live my cameras without these frikkin’ batteries!

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