Publication: Gabriel Fuzion Magazine

A while back I got contacted by Gabriel van Ingen from Fuzion Magazine if I was interested in publishing my work. Of course!

“FUZION is an online  and in print magazine a based in the UK. Our publications promotes photographic practice from around the globe. We provide artists a platform to have a  dialogue with a global community!”

The issue has been published and already looks great on screen. I have also ordered a printed version (which you should too as there are some cool photographers in there) and I’m looking forward to it! You can find it here:
Fuzion Magazine Printed Version 

Here’s a preview from my work in the magazine:

Thank you Gabriel!!


  1. Theese wet plate express a fascinating melanconic mood. Love them. Next month I’ll goto Paris and learni g wet plates.

      1. Yes I’m going to Centre Iris and Quinn. I’m really looking forward. Last week a friend of mine (Maja) from Sweden was at a workshop at Alex Timmermans.
        Cheers //Christer

      2. Oh, that’s great! I’m probably not going to make it this year to Paris. Too bad though! I hope you have a great time! Feel free to share me a link to your results!


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