Today I finally found the time to to test my newly purchased Falcon Eyes 928 light and to test my freshly made chemistry. Past week I managed to make some new chemistry, including a new batch of collodion, fixer, varnish and check my silver bath. The latter, thank God, being okay (that actually should read like; thank me for taking care of it 🙂 ! Specific gravity at 1.06 and acidity at 4-5 = perfect!

My exposure times were around one and a half minute with some older collodion and one light. Now, using a fresh batch and 2 lights I’m at around 25 to 30 seconds which makes me very happy. Lights were at about 1 meter and a bit of the subject. I used to have them closer before.

Anyway, I’m happy! Now all I have to do is filter the varnish and test it as it ate up my plate last time I used it, gather and clean some plates for the big workshop this Saturday and I’ll be good to go!


  1. Sounds great, I have similar lights and am amazed by others getting much faster exposure times with the same set up. What f stop you using to get 25-30 seconds.

    And you work in the Fuzion magazine looks great.

    1. Hi Tony,

      You’re amazed by the same thing 😉
      I use a lens which has an aperture of f/5,6.
      Yesterday I read about a 3 salted collodion. Not sure if it speeds things up although it’s being called “fast Collodion” by its user, but moreover it seems to be able of recording a broader tonal range. I have to do a search on the exact formula but will try this.

      What are your exposure times with this setup? Which aperture do you work on?

      Thanks! It looks really good. I’m looking forward to the printed issue!

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