Wet Collodion Plates – Slideshow

I made a slideshow a while back of my collodion plates and thought it would be cool to post it here as well since I don’t have my entire portfolio on here. I hope you enjoy it. Listen to the music too (not sure if I’m allowed to use it) but it’s music from Max Richter which is a fascinating artist and I would love to photograph him on collodion. The song is called “Arboretum” and is from the album “The Blue Notebooks“.

Take care,



  1. Where do you live, Holland? If so, I will be in Amsterdam in July/August and would love to see your work. I’ve been doing collodion here in Santa Monica, California.



    1. Hi Julie.

      I live in Maastricht. You’d be more than welcome to come and visit. We can make some plates if you like.
      If Maastricht is too far from you we can always meet half way and I can bring some work. I’ll have to warn you of my busy schedule; have missed out on meets before because of that..
      Will check out your work soon, am a little busy right now but looking forward seeing your plates!



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