Rollei Vintage 131 & Fomabrom 111 FB

Today my papers for lith printing arrived! I decided to go with the Rollei Vintage 131 paper (supposed to be the same as Fomatone MG Classic 131 FB) and the Fomabrom 111 FB. Just to see what the differences are and for that reason I might also try my trusted Ilford MGW.1K paper (if I feel like it).

As developer I’m using the Vintage developer by Rollei, as can be seen in the former post. Maybe I might try and make my own using the “Darkroom Cookbook” I have laying around here somewhere but read that it’s prone to difficulties such as streaks and all but it sounds like fun mixing some of my own.

Anyway, hope to start soon; I’m still making a selection from my negatives and have to clean that darkroom again 😉

I also ordered a book by Tim Rudman, The Master Photographers Lith Printing Course, to help me get started. You can sign up to his newsletter via email and you’ll receive a list with all the available papers out there for lith printing including a short description. Also mentioned are the developers and their makers.

I hope to be able to show some cool stuff soon!!


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