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Edit 11-11-10: is currently offline until further notice. I don’t know who is screwing up but someone is. I requested the move on time, via a letter and everything yet the move is being rejected every time. Not by my former host and not by my new one they tell me but by the company the discspace is actually from; ASCIO that would be.

The thing is that when this takes too long and they don’t find the time to fix the move before the domain gets frozen (or whatever they tell me) I have to buy it back again before the name hits the market and is available to the public once more. I could run the risk of no one wanting the name of course but anyway. It would cost me around €100- 150,- and that is totally ****ed up! It wasn’t my fault in the first place so I’ll definitely forward that invoice to the one whose fault it is. You’d better be warned!

Anyway, that’s the current state of things, I try not to think about it too much cause it makes me pissed to no end! 😦

Original post:

I am currently in the process of moving my personal website ( & from one provider to another. Unfortunately these processes seem to be impossible without the necessary issues meaning one of them is that my email:  indra at contrastique dot nl is temporarily unavailable. The email that I’m available on for the time being is: indramiep at home dot nl.

Reason for the move: Old provider 50 MB disc space, new provider 400 MB for about half the price. My website was simply growing too big for my former provider and proved to be expensive compared to other companies. A bit more expensive is okay for me, they had great service but not at xx times the price.

At least so you know 😉

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