My Mom and Dad 07-02-10

My parents came to visit me and that was the perfect opportunity to make some plates with them. They both had not seen the process in real life yet so it was really exciting. I decided to make the photos outside so I would avoid the extreme long exposure times even though the weather was a bit cold. I made them on our terrace, one side of the face alongside a wall. The weather was besides being cold also very cloudy so I expected everything to be even lit. Boy was I wrong on that! The first photo I took was from my mom and when I saw the plate developing I noticed the lighting was very uneven. Turned out that the wall reflected so much (UV) light that that part ended up being much better lit than the other part of the face. The plates after that one I turned their faces more towards the wall to keep down the contrast a little.

All photos made with a brass 230mm lens @ f5,6

First plate 4 seconds (too dark):

My mom @ 4 seconds
My mom @ 4 seconds

Plate 2 Mom & Dad together @ two times 4 seconds:

Mom & Dad @ 2 times 5 seconds
Mom & Dad @ 2 times 4 seconds

Plate 3 Double Dad @ two times 6 seconds:

Double Dad @ two times 5 seconds
Double Dad @ two times 5 seconds

After that I had to run for an appointment. With the stupid thought I’d flip my silver bath to its bottle later on so I wouldn’t have to hurry the process. On itself a pretty, unlike me, wise decision until it was 3 days later and the bath was completely fogged up. So, now I’ll have to sun it, tomorrow probably, and see how to fix it again. I’ll get it done but that’s something I’ll never do again!


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