First Self-Portraits on Wet Plate

I used to make lots of self portraits, mainly because I don’t like to work with other people that much (depending on what kind of work) I don’t have to explain to myself what I want, I’m available anytime I am; no need for an appointment etc etc. It’s been a while since I’ve made one, mostly because I’m finding my way into this process but 2 days ago I made some. Pretty hard finding focus when I don’t want to stop down the lens to keep exposure time a bit under control. Pretty hard to get it sharp at 25 seconds…but okay, here’s what I have:

18x24 Wet Plate Collodion BGA
18x24 Wet Plate Collodion BGA
18x24 Wet Plate Collodion BGA
18x24 Wet Plate Collodion BGA


    1. That is cm (in inches that would be GREAT!). I mistakenly called my previous plates 8×10″ because the European 8×10 is actually just 18x24cm. Found that out recently when I ordered 8×10 plates from the States 😉
      I still have to correct my “misuse” of 8×10 here.

      1. Somehow I like the American 8×10″ better for some of the work I am currently doing – and also easier to find holders and film… Would love to have a few European 18x24cm holders, though.

      2. Yeah, it’s a more common size, certainly these days and due to the States. “Soon” I’ll start working on 8×10 as well, a new camera is being made for me atm 🙂 Can’t wait for that to arrive at my doorstep.

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