Minos Up Close 06-12-09

Yeay, my brother came over to stay for the weekend and of course a photo had to be made. My first session at home was with the modeling help of him but we all know how that turned out 😉

So, second chances in life do happen and this sure was a great one; I love this plate! He has a beautiful face with even more beautiful eyes and was able to hold really still in this position which was a comfortable one.

Tech Specs:

Exposure Time: 25 seconds. 2 UV TL lights on the left of him. 2 pilot lights, one on each side of him. 1 UV TL light kept horizontally closely in front of him, a little higher than his head. Fixer: Sodium Thiosulfate 300gr to 1 liter of water.

Minos Up Close 06-12-09
Minos Up Close 06-12-09

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