World Wet Plate Collodion Day 2009

May 2, 2009 was the day that, and I believe for the very first time, the founder of Wet Plate named Frederick Scott Archer was being honored by people all over the world by making plates. All the plates (digitalized) were then collected by Quinn Jacobson who, with the help of others, put them together in a wonderful book of which today I received a copy. It looks fantastic!

The foreword has been written by Caron Gonthier. As an artist and historian she wrote an interesting few pages with some background about Frederick Scott Archer. She also connected economical aspects with the state of “art” at that time and therefor creating a better understanding of the time and place of occurring events. It’s one of the reasons I love art history so much and reminds me of me wanting to pick up that study again.

The rest of the book is full of images made by 51 different people from all over the world, 13 countries to be precise. It’s quite weird to realize all these people havie been focusing on making plates that day and you can see the result. If you feel like buying the book, which will not only give you a fantastic book but also grant you eternal happiness and much much more šŸ˜‰ , you can order it from:


Here’s a preview from the cover:

World Wet Plate Collodion Day 2009 Book
World Wet Plate Collodion Day 2009 Book

I am looking forward to World Wet Plate Collodion Day 2010 already!

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