Exhibition @ Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof

From April 2nd until June 2nd I will have an exhibition at the Fotomusem aan het Vrijthof in Maastricht. I am proud and honored to have been given this opportunity ❤️

There will be several events during the course of the exhibition:
April 14th – 19.00-01.00 MuseumNacht Maastricht and I will be present the first part of the night
April 30th – 14.00 I will be present for a tour and to answer questions
May 23rd – 13.00 I will show the wet plate collodion process live

About the exhibition:
The environment around the Somme and Verdun, France, is characterized by its rolling landscapes of farmlands and forests. But the many grain and trees can’t disguise the horrors of the First World War. Countless numbers of bomb craters and trenches are still, even after more than a 100 years, visibly hidden inside these forests. Fascinated by this Indra Moonen started visiting and photographing these landscapes.

She is not the first artist to turn these dark landscapes into the subject of her work. But because she prints the images using selfmade emulsions on handmade paper, she bestows upon them a strong charge. At first there is the experience of the fathomable beauty of nature only to be followed by the surmise of the frightening and violent history these landscapes harbour.

Besides these landscapes she also shows a series of self portraits. A very personal body of work where her own fragility and impermanence are the key elements. The images have been made using an old photographic technique on glass. This process of choice adds to the image what the photographer tries to convey, in its form but also with its inherent characteristics.

This exhibition has been made possible by ILFORD Imaging.

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