Happy 2023!

I don’t know where to begin but first of all, best wishes to all of you (still) reading this blog 🙂 May this new year be of more love and peace than this past year. At least, one can only hope..

For me personally I think this year looks pretty exciting. I want to be even more focusing on my personal work than I already did last year. And last year wasn’t all that bad already. The sales of my work has gone up, and not just because of the Monochrom funding project. It’s the best compliment one can receive about ones work really. It’s also very motivating to keep up the pace and keep pushing further.

My work has also been included twice in the curated online themed exhibitions of Analog Forever Magazine. In fact, one of my images has even been selected into their Top 40 Analog Photographs of 2022, which makes me really proud. It is a lovely collection of images to be part of.

2022 has also been the year where I have been given the opportunity to start working with the platinum/palladium printing process. A massive thanks to Ilford Imaging for making this possible. This has been a long cherished dream and the reality surely did not fall short! I’ve learned quite a lot and really hope to never lose my curiosity.
I also visited a lovely exhibition in Amsterdam of Hans Bol and Lucas Leffler. Both really worth seeing and can be so until February the 4th at Galerie Caroline O’Breen.

So, what’s next for this year then? It’s not all written in stone yet, fortunately I must add, but a nice exhibition will be one of these that are. The opening will take place on the 2nd of April (on a Sunday), starting at 16hr. The location… Fotomuseum aan het Vrijthof, Maastricht. For now I’ll keep the blows and whistles about it a tad smallish but please, mark the date!

I’m also working on a new project, which is a direct corollary of the self portraits I did last year. As soon as I have built a more solid base I’ll share the topic, but for me it’s going to be very special. It’s where a lot of things will come together for me personally.

There’s also another project in the loop. There’s supposed to be a meeting in the next two weeks and when that happens I’ll have more to share 🙂 I also hope to learn a lot more (there’s still so much to learn) and experience new things.

A post with lot’s of might-be’s and hope-to-be’s but it sure got me excited again. I hope this year will bring at least that for you as well. We all need a certain something to keep us going. And to play more too! To close off this post I will share one of the last images taken in 2022, shot using my ‘new’ Monochrom. I am so grateful still!

See you soon!

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