Summer Exhibition @ Frederiksoord Drenthe NL

As I mentioned in one of my earlier posts I’m currently working towards a new exhibition. I have been invited to join this particular event by Joop Vos, and I’m very grateful for that! It will be one of the bigger, if not one of the biggest, exhibitions of the past couple of years. There will be plenty of space to display a lot of work, and a lot of new things too. Really excited about this.

You can expect to see some Van Dykes, original collodion plates, enlargements of wet plates and whatnot and…last but not least, if all goes well… platinum / palladium prints which I will be making in collaboration with Ilford…so all good things! More on this collab will follow shortly.

Now, on to the exact data of this marvelousness:

28 july – 14 August 2022
Joop Vos & Indra Moonen

3 weekends from Thu – Sun | 13 – 17 hr
Location: Frederiksoord Drenthe, NL

On Sunday the 31st of July I will be present there myself so do come talk to me 🙂

The exhibition will be broader than these 3 weeks. There will be 4 different exhibitions, showcasing the work of 23 artists in total, starting on May the 25th. For more info on the entire event check the website of Noord.Nu

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