Darkroom No. 6 – the Final

After having thoroughly enjoyed a trip to Portugal it was time to take that final step in finishing the darkroom; hooking up the wet table.  

Erik, not experienced in plumbing, was looking up to the job because he felt a little insecure. Due to this darkroom being housed on a squat-basis there are quite a few limitations on how to attach the table to existing water hoses. And a boiler had to be built in as there is no warm water in that space. So, all the more challenging. 

He made a life-size drawing on how the piping needed to be done with the exact measurements and then we started building. The drawing made it so clear that even I could understand it perfectly. Everything was built using compression fittings so if ever, for whatever reason, this thing has to be disarmed and put back again, it’s easily possible. Comforting thought 🙂

Tonight I shall be showing Erik the reward of all this hard work; learning him to develop film! Yes, another soul to dive back into Analogue! I normally do not look forward to developing film (after 10+ years it does get a little boring :-)) but this time it’s different. This time I can’t wait!

And there will be plenty of film sooooo lucky us!  



  1. Wow, what a wonderful space…………wonderful. Top Marks! No one deserves it more Indra. Looking forward to the play/work that comes out of this.

    1. Thanks for your kind comments! I am very happy to see this space back up again. Looking forward to what I’ll do in it!

      Thanks for the link, that’s really kind!

      1. A pleasure Indra, your blogs have inspired and helped me find out things so very much. 🙂

  2. Indra, I just noticed the paper under the sink – I would consider putting the paper under the enlarger and the chemicals under the sink. Everything else is just *perfect*.

    1. I know, I discussed the same with myself while building the former darkroom. It’s just that these cabinets fit really nicely under the sink and it holds the papers very well also. It’s a bit more unhandy to put the chemistry in. Having had it this way for over 7 years in the other darkroom without any issues I figured it would be okay like this in the new one, even though it’s against *standards* 🙂
      Thanks for the remark though!

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