Camera Add: Holga 120 WPC

As we’re on the verge of leaving 2013 for 2014 I saw it fit to buy the one camera that I wanted for quite some time: the Holga 120 WPC. I don’t think I’ve bought a more crappy (and cheap) camera haha! But seeing as it is a pinhole capable of shooting 6×12 negatives I thought it to be worth the few bucks (or euros in my case). I love the panoramic size I use in wet plate (4×10″), and now on 6×12 for on the go, sweet! I intend to lith print the images (mostly city and landscapes) using my D2 so I’m actually looking for a 4×5″ glass carrier for my Omega (423-359) to be able to print them.


Anyway, think it’s pretty cool and it weighs next to nothing in my photo bag 🙂

Edit: I found a holder (423-359) with AN top glass though KHB Fotografix. According to them they “have the largest inventory of enlargers, enlarger accessories and parts, and darkroom accessories you’ll find anywhere!” Well, they surely have a lot. I already ordered the red safe light filter for my D2 enlarger from them a week ago and received it the day before yesterday in excellent shape and packing. Anyway, great!


I also shot my first roll of TX400 in the WPC, currently off for developing (due to my move and no products at hand and being terribly impatient I actually sent it off to be developed…I HATE it but I just can’t wait. Long time ago I did that ughh: if you care about your film and want to feel cool about it; develop your own stuff!). Here’s a shot of my empty dr:



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