Kunsttour 2013: 18 – 20 of May

So…not this weekend but the next Kunsttour 2013 will be held again and I will be part of it, again! The theme of this year is: Is there something to laugh (at/about whatever) in art. The poster is laughable to say the least… The Kunsttour Committee has actually made a selection of the artist’s works they wanted to be part of this year’s Kunsttour that they felt represented the theme best. The works chosen of me were as much as a surprise to me as it will be for you, although I like the work they picked.. I like especially their reasoning behind it for picking that specific body of work.

Feel free to come and have a look, the locations are great! The Wiebengahal, next to the Bonnenfantenmuseum, is the main location this year. I’m located at the other side of the street at Maison Ceramique. I will be there all three days.

For more information check the website.


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