Brother & Sister on Black Glass

A couple of weeks ago a friend of mine, Jean-Pierre Pijls, asked me if I could photograph his kids, Rafke and Thieu, on wet plate. Knowing that we followed the same photography classes and his children being around the age of 17 I felt it like a cool challenge, seeing that I normally do not make portraits on commission. I ‘shot’ them on 18×24 cm black glass. Now they have been varnished and scanned I can share them with you.

I’ve used a new light to make these portraits: a Kaiser 2000 watt video light which I aimed at an umbrella. I was able to bring the exposure time back to 20 seconds instead of 30 with the 2 Falcon Eyes lights. I’m pretty happy! I used a small reflector to lit up the face on the other side. The Lastolite Urban Collapsible as a background works really well again! I’m very happy with this one! Enough of the blabla…on to the images…Jean-Pierre shot some images during the shoot which I will use as an introduction to the real plates.

jp_1 jp_2 jp_3 jp_4 jp_5

And last but not least, Brother & Sister on Black Glass



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