Rollei Redbird – 2nd Try

So…I had to give this film a second try and my recent trip to Ellmau, Austria had its name written all over it! I promised to overexpose the film and I certainly did. This time I exposed the film as if it were a 25 ASA film instead of the affirmed 400. This included compensation for the snow. Yes, snow…I went skiing for the first time in my life!

This film is a whole lot more usable than the first roll I shot and I’m looking forward processing them the lith-way. For now I give you the all-boring-merely-scans-of-negatives-sh*t 😉

Nr12_small Nr22_small Nr31_small Nr35_small Nr36_small

The colours are quite fascinating and, not being perfect right now, work pretty well with the subject. This makes me certain lith will work with these very well. Whenever I end up having more time (nooo, I promised myself I would have more time this year, darn 😦 ) I will be working more on this. First I have to shoot some collodion plates again!

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