Rollei Redbird Film

I’m not much of a fan of colour in my personal work but seeing the results (and we started selling this film at work) I thought it would be cool to try and shoot a roll. Having read that you can lith print colour film I thought it would be kind of cool and, as such, not a necessary waste of efforts. Well, it is kind of cool though I can be rather short about this first roll of film….OVEREXPOSE!

Pretty logical when you know it’s a reversed winded film. The light has to penetrate the base layer first before hitting the light sensitive part. I liked it enough to buy a second roll which I will expose as 100 or maybe even 50 ASA, but definitely not as the rated 400 ASA! From what I read online it’s tough to overexpose this film 😉

Below an example of an accidentally “correctly” exposed negative and from an underexposed one, the latter being absolutely unusable with its grain. Images have been taken with the Leica M6 coupled with the Elmarit 28mm f/2,8


Fun nonetheless and looking forward to the next film 😉


  1. Redscale! 🙂 How are you Indra? Have you tried any other film from rollei/maco? I’m interested on their rollei RPX it’s cheap to get films in europe than getting it here because of the poor exchange rate inside iran. 😦 anyway, how does this possible for lith print? Print the colour negative as black and white and then do 2nd pass lith? Kinda lots of effort ha! 🙂

    1. Hi Jef,

      I worked with the Rollei ATP (really contrasty and fun / gorgeous film but requires some effort to get the results you want) and that’s about it from Rollei I worked with. I used their Retro 400 film once, the base is very clear, it’s a pretty film only it curls like frikkin’mad. Makes me hate it 😉 Same goes for the ATP film, it’s thet polyester base that makes it curl like mad!

      I read it’s possible printing colour film the lith way. It probably depends on the type of paper etc etc if it requires first or second lith. Another thing to experiment with… 😉

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