Josef Sudek, Francesca Woodman & Paul Outerbridge: New Books

In my mission to getting inspired by things I decided it was time to buy some books again. Some I had on a wish list for quite some time, others came right out of the blue.

The first one I’m meaning to get for quite some time now is: “Francesca Woodman”. Her images are very inspiring.


The second one I wanted to buy after having seen it at a friend is Paul Outerbridge with the book “Command Performance”. Not a book I would’ve bought without seeing but the images are really impressive and the carbro colour process used to create them is utterly fascinating to say the least. If you feel wet plate collodion is cumbersome, check out the carbro process 😉


Another one is Josef Sudek’s “The Ancient Forest of the Beskids”. His work is absolutely stunning. Never saw that many work by him so thought it would be very interesting doing so via books. I’m very fond of forests and trees in my images, I want to create a whole lot this year on my collodion negatives, so this book seemed like a sure way to go 😉


The fourth and last book I bought is also by Josef Sudek and this one is called: “Poet of Prague”. This contains photos of Prague, the city where he was born, and it’s a beautiful city. I’ve not seen his photos of Prague but went there in, I believe, 2008, so this is an interesting re-visit.


I hope I will get them soon! Have a great weekend 🙂


  1. Interesting books! I used to collect photography books when i was in manila. I used to dig stuff from old shops/swapmeets to find cheap ones. I sold almost 99% of my collection before we migrate here. What i still remember is my Julia Margaret Cameron book which i kept! Hopefully it’s still in good shape!

    1. Thanks, I love buying books! I should do it more often though. Only trouble is finding the time to read them haha! Why did you migrate from Manila to Iran if I may ask? Manila seems a lot more free from your stories. Good thing you kept the book of Julia Margaret Cameron! Reminds me, I still have to buy a book of her work. It’s fantastic!

      1. it’s been a while haha never check wordpress account thta much lately. about the manila to iran. my wife likes to help her parents in their business so we went here! don’t know if it’s good or what but i like it here. well, until all of my stuff are here i would be happy! right now i’m not! haha 😀

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