Revela-T – Festival of Photography Barcelona

As copied from their website:
“Revela-T is a photographic festival
 that aims to be a meeting point for lovers of photography, especially those who are passionate about analog, chemical, silver based photography.

The number of practicing amateurs and professionals grows daily. We think it is necessary to spend a few days to meet and share experiences, knowledge, meeting other people, organizations and companies working in the same direction. We want to encourage amateurs, especially those who see in these techniques an opportunity to explore a new field, without having to be limited to a single system.

We want to avoid those aspects that are more typical of electronics and computer science fields than photography, which is a trap inherent to digital system.

We will see, experience, discuss about photography but mainly live and feel it. We will roll out an extensive program of exhibitions, lectures, discussions, demonstrations, workshops, and stands. We will count with people with national and international relevancy… And many other surprises!

We want to promote awareness and interest in these other photographic processes in a time dominated by digital technology; a glimpse into the future for those who believe there are other ways of making photography that deserve to be known and supported.

Revela-T wants to gather together the dreamers, the nonconformists, the tireless, those not afraid of trying and exploring different paths from those that follow the majority.

The festival will take place at various locations in Vilassar de Dalt, a village near Barcelona. The Can Rafart Park will be the main location for the activities. It is a fantastic place, big enough to receive many friends.

If you already practice analogue photography or you are interested in photographic techniques alternative to digital, you have an appointment on 24th, 25th and 26th May, 2013.

See you there!”

Not sure if I’m going myself, depends on my working schedule etc. but it sounds like fun. Barcelona on its own is fun anyway! Anyone planning to go? Would be even more interesting if some of us could meet up? Let me know!

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