“The Woodmans”

Last night I watched the documentary “The Woodmans” about, pretty much, the life of Francesca Woodman, as seen through her diary and her parents eyes. Having stumbled across her work some 2 years ago her images struck me immediately. It was then when I learned about her rather tragic story, a life that ended way too soon.

She was born in Denver on the 3rd of April 1958 in a rather artistic family. Her mother was a potter and her father a painter. She took up photography from the age of 13, working a lot in square, black-and-white and made a lot of photos of herself. Her work is absolutely fabulously in a disturbing matter, which is what attracted me to it. She studied at the Rhode Island School of Design in Provence and during that time also studied one year in Rome at the Palazzo Cenci. Back in the States she finished her study and moved to New York where, on the 19th of January 1981, she would throw herself off a roof top from a building next to her apartment. She died at the age of 23.

Her photos have become very famous through books and exhibitions. And now there’s a documentary about her life and that, partially, of her parents and brother. Here’s a trailer of it, you can download the entire film via this link.

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