Rabbit Skull (yes, my first skull, sigh)

A couple of days ago my dad-in-law gave us a rabbit meat he bought in Belgium. It came together with a head. I thought it to be a shame to throw that away so I boiled it clean in water along with some sodium bicarbonate a.k.a. baking soda. That went pretty well. Since I had to test my freshly made collodion for a demo I’ll be giving next week at Galerie Weert I needed a subject anyway so the timing was rather well.

I set up the upper part of the head (upper because it was being kept together by the flesh which by now had been boiled off, have to attach all the parts again but no time) on a candle holder and photographed in studio.

The freshly collodion formula I made is the standard Collodion formula by Scully & Osterman which I’ll be using from now on. It goes as following:

Part A
155ml ether (56ml)
236ml plain USP Collodion (305ml)
3g cadmium bromide
8ml distilled water

Add ether to a 500ml bottle with plain collodion. Cap it and shake until cotton-like swirls will disappear.
Place cadmium bromide in a glass beaker, add distilled water and break the bromide (it tends to cake up) with a glass rod until completely dissolved.
Slowly add the bromide solution to collodion mixture.

Part B
4g potassium iodide
155ml Ethanol (186ml)
Distilled water

I made this one before but the problem was that only had a little USP collodion and 1 liter of UHB collodion (which I bought in Poland as it’s a lot cheaper). Only the ratio ether / alcohol is substantially different than the USP version and when I first made I had no conversion formula. I thought, oh what the heck, I’ll just make it as I do the USP and use the two different collodions to make up a liter. Stupid me! Of course that wouldn’t work. So, I had to make a new batch. Jeroen de Wijs was so kind as to provide me with the conversions so this batch worked like a charm! The converted amount is behind the regular quantity needed when using USP between the (..).

I’m all set for the demo next week!

Direct Collodion Positive on Black Glass 4×5″

Really happy to have made a plate after a long time. My schedule is sooooo busy I hardly had time to do something “alternative” with my time. Next year that’ll definitely change (otherwise I’ll go frikkin NUTS!)

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