Not Dead

It’s been awhile unfortunately. I have been very busy the last 2 months with assignments, holidays, again assignments, exhibitions and now the flu. As you have seen from posts from awhile back I was working on different things. Now I have to get back to picking up where I left off but seeing as it were so many things I was working on I simply don’t know where to start again. 

I really have to work on my time-issues…one of the resolutions of next year I guess 😉 I really need to find back the time to work on my own stuff again. Lately the balance got a little lost somewhere along the line. I can’t force inspiration to hit me in my rare free time and that works a little frustrating. Whenever I do have spare time I feel so empty I cannot come up with anything to work on. Hopefully this will settle soonish although the time at work begins with the Santaclaus and Christmas shit. Also half of the family decides to have their birthdays around this time of the year so it’s gonna be fun 😉
Anyway, just thought I’d let you know I haven’t died or anything…just finding my way to kicking things back to life, that’s all!
Ow, and if you really miss me…I have a current exhibition right now at Taart Maastricht. And one coming up starting from the 21st of October at Galerie Weert in Weert. More on the latter later on..

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