New Website !!!

So, this is what all the email-hassle was all about, my new website šŸ˜‰

The biggest problem with my former website was that the portfolio was in a flash-based format thus not viewable on an iPad, iPhone etc. The second issue was that the pages didn’t have a scroll option built-in. With the page “Exhibitions” I had to delete some to be able to add the new ones. Not very practical. It was perfect when I first had the website but I kind of grew out of it. So it was time to find something new. Something that I could easily build and maintain myself with no flash involved while still looking flashy. Big Black Bag gave me all that!

Anyway, I got it sort of finished now. It’ll evolve over time and probably get a make-over in two years when I get tired of this design (it’s what I do ;-)) but I like it! I hope you do too! If you run across anything that isn’t working probably or you feel like it’s not as practical as it should be, shoot me an email (on my new address haha!).

The all new Contrastique Website

Thanks for looking!


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