Cemetery Tongerseweg Maastricht

Yesterday the weather again turned out to be on my side so I grabbed my gear and went for the cemetery this time. I’ve never been there and that surely was a shame, what a remarkable place. If I ever wish to be buried that would definitely be the place to be.

Bart unfortunately had to work but my dad tagged along this time. The new dark box was finished right in time for yesterday so that lent me the perfect opportunity to try it out. It worked! I’ll dedicate a separate post to this box so no further details for now.

As said, what a beautiful place and I’ll just let the images to the talking I guess đŸ˜‰

It was a great day and I can surely advise you going there if you haven’t already. You can check out their website for more information on the cemetery.

I’ve also made two negatives of which one has passed the selection to being printed. Lith it will be again so I’ll have two larger prints, printed by hand, to be shown at the exhibition in September. I’m really looking forward! Last weeks of preparation now so very busy but it’s all coming together quite nicely.

Have a good night!



  1. Great shots! It sure is a special place, worth a visit. A wonderous mixture of silent beauty and sadness. The stories behind many cold stones are often so touching. As a Graphic designer I am very interested in making Ă  kind of book(let) about this subject, see it as a creative exploration, an exercise. What about that? Would it be a co-operative challenge?

    1. Hi Miguel,

      Thank you for your comment! I would most certainly be interested in a co-operative challenge. It’s a wonderful place and subject to dive into more and scratch the surface off. Did you already have something in mind?

  2. Hi,

    I started ‘Cemetery Gates’ a while ago, when I was riding my MTB. The border region in South Limburg (and the belgian side as well) show great possibilities.

    In Neufchateau for example, there is a little cemetery next to the old fort. In WWII there was a lot of fighting there; looking through the gates, you can see bullet holes in the gravestones where soldier have been shot at while hiding for the enemy.

    One could think about visualizing a story like this, in a ghostlike way or so.

    Let’s sit down an see what is possible.

    1. Hi Miguel,

      That sounds interesting! You mean to have buildings, especially damaged ones, let them tell a story about what might have happened there. Insinuate what might have happened. Give graves a voice. Which you could emphasize in a book with short striking texts of some kind. Many stories to be found on graveyards. I would like that.

      Do you wanna meet up somewhere soon?


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