La Gare de Montzen (BE)

Yesterday the weather had finally decided to give us a break thus some great photographic moments we just had to seize! My dad and I visited La gare de Montzen in 2005 and we decided to head back yesterday to see what has changed and of course to photograph it again. In 2005 I took my digital SLR and, because I was getting back in touch with analog, also my Nikon F100. This time I went collodion all the way!

The place had been severely abused since last time and gave me the creeps even more (which is great!). We were able to get the car pretty close to one of the sort of entrances and didn’t have to drag our ass off getting all the stuff inside. Once setup finding objects and sceneries was not that hard. But time flew by like mad and I ended up with 4 great bga’s of 4×10″ and one 4×5″ glass negative. The latter I’d like to print in my darkroom for the upcoming exhibition. Have not yet found a proper process to print it with so I’ll probably stick with lith for now to see where that’ll get me. On to the photos!

The plates were all fixed using KCN 2%. Exposure time varied between 3 to 13 seconds up in the end.

Anyway, hope the weather will keep on being the good guy and hopefully we’ll soon travel to another abandoned little gem!

-Enjoy, Indra


  1. Hi Indra,

    The tintypes look good, especially for a challenging situation. The historical print with a wet plate collodion negative would have been an egg albumin print.


    1. Hi Dave,

      Thank you! They are not tintypes though, made on black glass. I still have to invest the alternative printing processes. I need more time to do that…I definitely want to try albumen prints along with some other stuff.


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