Foire à la photo de Bièvres 2011

Just a couple of days before the Foire à la photo de Bièvres 2011 will kick it off again!! Bièvres will be stuffed with old cameras, lenses, camera geeks and us!

This year I have chosen not to participate at the Collodion booth because it seemed quite crowded already. So it’ll be just about enjoying the market, meeting people, maybe scoop some stuff though I’m not really looking for something. Maybe a 4×5″ Shen Hao-like camera but doesn’t matter if I don’t find it. And of course…French food! And wine! Just like last year we’ll meet up with a couple of Dutch friends and have our tongues spoiled. I’m already looking forward to that!

If there is a way you can make it to Bièvres I’d highly recommend it!


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